The Police Synchronicity Red Wine Blend - Maxwell’s Clarkston

The Police Synchronicity Red Wine Blend

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The Police - Synchronicity Red Wine Blend - Quite literally this wine represents and manifests the notion of Synchronicity as it was interpreted by The Police with their classic album and the namesake of this wine. Simply put to count as synchronicity the events should be unlikely to occur together by chance. While listening to the album Mark noticed a clear theme of light and dark - or as the Rolling Stone Magazine reviewer wrote it is an album of shimmering surfaces and glacial shadows. From a distance, the music is pop-like romantic and has many bright melodies. If you listen closely to the lyrics you will notice dark heavy and sometimes sinister themes of obsession jealousy yearning and anxiety. The term Synchronicity Stings magnetic vocals and the theme of light and dark in the music were the main influences on Mark while making the wine. Synchronicity is a meaningful mix of seemingly unrelated events resulting in a significant sum lead Mark to a red wine blend of varieties not commonly seen together. The playful seductive and haunting union of Carignane Zinfandel Syrah Petite Sirah Grenache and Viognier make this wine a compelling and delicious study. This wine has aromas of fresh rose petals and wild berries. Flavours of juicy strawberry bright raspberry with a lush lingering finish. The Grenache and Viognier definitely lighten up the heavy hitters making this a delicious approachable and very food-friendly wine. Absolutely stunning.