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Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 70cl

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The undisputed father of the old-school tattoo, Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins build his rep tattooing in Hawaii's brawling Hotel Street district of Honolulu, where sailors and soldiers came to raise hell before heading off to war. He was a master craftsman of unflinching integrity and in his name, we make our rum. Blended with the finest rums from the Caribbean and our unmatched recipe of natural spices. Made the Old-School Way. 80 Proof. Bold & Smooth as Hell. Enjoy a 70cl bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced - a true original that holds its own.
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum seeks its own path in life Like the free-spirited man who inspired the drink - the old school tattooist, Norman Sailor Jerry' Collins. He lived by always originating not imitating'. We believe in making rum the authentic way, the way men drank rum back in the day.