Ellis No. 3 Butterfly Pea Scottish Gin 50cl - Maxwell’s Clarkston

Ellis No. 3 Butterfly Pea Scottish Gin 50cl

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Ellis Gin No. 3 Butterfly Pea Gin has been handcrafted in small batches in Glasgow.

The carefully selected botanicals have been combined with butterfly pea - the key botanical that gives this gin its colour-changing properties. 

Butterfly pea is an Asian botanical which has been used for many years in Asian cooking as well as in teas. The blue colour comes from the deep infusion of petals from the exotic blue flower. When mixed with tonic (or another carbonated mixer) the gin will naturally change to an eye-catching lilac colour.

When making this gin, everything is done by hand including bottling and labelling. Each bottle is also individually numbered with the batch and bottle number.