Eden Mill Oak Gin 50cl - Maxwell’s Clarkston

Eden Mill Oak Gin 50cl

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As Eden Mill are Scotland's original single-site brewery and distillery, with Oak Gin, they married their brewing and distilling skills leading to their oak beer barrels meeting their distillery's gin production. The result is a rich oak spice gin with notes of caramel, vanilla, and a touch of fudge. Warming, at 42% ABV, with a long, rich finish. Oak gin delivers a warm finish as lovely as a sipping gin/whisky; rich oak spice and brown honey toast finishing on sweet caramel, vanilla and sugarcane. Try the perfect serve with a slice of orange and ginger ale instead of tonic. The ginger really brings out the spice and woodiness of Oak gin. Sweet and rich-spiced fruits and spices (cinnamon & star anise) are evident. Soft delicate vanilla and fudge mingle with the ginger. Just marvellous! 

ABV: 42%