Didsbury Gin - Original 70cl - Maxwell’s Clarkston

Didsbury Gin - Original 70cl

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Hand crafted in an eco-friendly copper still, it’s characterised by a fragrant citrus nose from a blend of botanicals and fresh grapefruit, orange, lime and lemon peels underpinned by British roots and aromas.

Clean, crisp and zesty, Didsbury Gin is a perfect sipping gin and a versatile spirit for the most loved cocktails.  

In 1919 the botanical gardens of Parsonage & Fletcher Moss were gifted to the people of Didsbury by, a quintessential English village with Anglo-Saxon roots.

Taking inspiration from the vibrancy and colourful nature of the gardens, local gin enthusiasts Liam Manton & Mark Smallwood sought to create a refreshing citrus twist on a classic London Dry Gin. Combining traditional artisan methods and infusing modern botanicals:

Didsbury Gin is clean, crisp & zesty - good enough to drink neat, perfect with tonic, delightful in cocktails.

ABV: 40%